Chameleons at Manilva Nature Reserve

More chameleons released at Manilva’s nature reserve

Chameleons at Manilva Nature Reserve

Manilva’s Environment Department continues the programme to reintroduce the Common Chameleon to Manilva’s coastal nature reserve.

The head of Manilva’s Environment Department, Councillor Maria Muñoz, recently visited the reserve along with  Manuel Romero, the head of Environmental and Biodiversity Management at the Junta de Andalucia’s  Environment Ministry, and his staff to release a number of these fascinating creatures.

The reintroduction programme seeks to boost the numbers of these native creatures, increasing the biodiversity of the area.

The Common Chameleon is a protected species and each individual is microchipped to help monitor their progress. It is forbidden to capture or harm these chameleons, and such acts should be reported to Manilva’s Environment Department on 952 893 878.

Common Chameleon in Manilva

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