El Hacho hole

El Hacho road repairs imminent

El Hacho hole

Residents of the El Hacho area of Manilva are still waiting for urgent repairs to the development’s main road, Calle Corniso, part of which collapsed back in January 2012.

The damage occurred during a heavy storm and it is believed that the road’s retaining wall had been damaged during clearance works in the adjacent stream bed.

The local authorities in Manilva pursued the regional government’s Environment Department to rectify the damage to the road.

In the meantime further rainfall led to more damage resulting in the Town Hall taking the decision to close the road, erecting a barrier just past the Hotel La Duquesa, although cynics might say this was just to cover themselves for insurance purposes as nobody takes any notice of the closure, merely driving around the barrier.

Around this time local residents began to pressurise the government through a Facebook group and a petition signed by a large number of the population of this large urbanisation.

After unsuccessfully chasing the Junta de Andalucia to fix the road, the local authorities took the decision to undertake the repairs themselves and everything is in place to carry out the works, apart from one essential part of the process.
Unbelievably the only thing holding up the repair to this vital piece of local infrastructure is permission to access the stream bed from the very regional environment department that is believed to have caused the problem in the first place and subsequently ducked out of its responsibility to rectify the damage.