109 compete in V Manilva Wine Contest

V Manilva Wine Contest

The V Manilva Wine Contest held at the Manilva Wine Centre on Saturday January 5 drew a large number of entrants with some 109 entries in the three categories: Dry, Semi Dry, and Sweet.

Judging the wines was an expert panel including María Bocanegra, Manuel González and Joanni Amado from the wine school along with somellier José Ángel Triano and chemist Pedro Calleja.

Prizes of 300€, €200, and €100 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively were awarded in each category, with the winners being as follows:

In the Dry category – 1st Antonio Quirós Herrera, 2nd Fernando Juan Mariscal Pérez, and 3rd Juan Carlos López Reyes.

In the Semi Dry category – 1st Antonio Ignacio Collado Rodríguez, 2nd Fernando Juan Mariscal, 3rd Jacinto Vázquez Benítez.

Finally in the Sweet category – 1st Agustín Amado Muñoz, 2nd Rafael Vargas Arena, 3rd Antonio Guillén Gómez.

Euroleague basketball – Unicaja v Real Madrid

Unicaja v Real madrid

Manilva’s Sports department are organising a trip on Friday, January 18 to see Malaga Unicaja play Real Madrid in the basketball Euroleague. The match is being played at Malaga’s Martín Carpena stadium.

Tickets cost 7 euros per person including return coach travel, with reservations being taket at the Sports Department office next to the Las Viñas football ground in Manilva or telephone 952 891 532.

Manilva’s accounts finally up to date


Manilva’s Finance Department has announced the completion of the municipality’s accounts for the years 2006 to 2011, this follows on the announcement earlier in the year of the finalising of accounts for the period 2001 to 2005.

Local authorities are required to submit their accounts on an annual basis, this was last done in Manilva back in the year 2000.

All the political parties represented on the governing body have participated in the approval process for the accounts which now go to government audit tribunal for ratification.

Cable Thefts

Cable Theft

Local authorities have asked the public of the municipality of Manilva for their cooperation with the wave of thefts of copper wire powering street lights.

The latest areas affected by these thefts are the promenade in La Colonia, La Noria, Los Flamencos areas, the entrance to El Castillo de La Duquesa via Los Granados and the San Luis de Sabinillas sports area, among others.

Robberies over the last month have cost the town hall over 10,000 € excluding the labour costs of municipal workers.

This also offers a bad image of the municipality as the areas with no lighting will remain that way until the town hall is able to repair the damage.

Residents have been asked to be vigilant because, although the local authorities are trying their best to keep the municipality under surveillance, in many cases it would be more effective if they had the help of local people to inform the police of any suspicious situations in manholes or in the road. To do this, anyone noticing strange behavior in this regard should call the local police at the following number: 952 890 945.