Works begin in Sabinillas to install fibre optic network

The communications company Movistar (Telefonica) has begun the installation of the fibre optic network which will bring high speed internet connectivity to domestic users in Sabinillas.

The Mayor of Manilva, Diego José Jiménez, and the councillor for infrastructure and works, Antonio Barragán, recently met with technicians from Movistar to discuss the project and the impact local users. The main advantage is that this technology will enable download speeds of up to 300 meg and upload speeds of up to 30 meg, and will also allow local business to access services on ‘the cloud’ in a more speedy and efficient way.

Installation work is already underway in Sabinillas and requires the replacement of the current network of copper wires with fibre optic cable in every street and building.

Manilva Town and the urbanisations present a more difficult task and works there will begin in early 2016, and represents a considerable investment on the part of the operator.

Fibre Optic

Summer sports activities get underway

Manilva’s Sports Department has announced that the sports activities for this summer are already underway.

This campaign is aimed at youngsters interested in taking part in these activities, which will run during the months of July and August. Youngsters can enrol in swimming, basketball and football. The age range for those wishing to take up swimming is from six months to 16 years of age. Boys and girls from five to twelve years old can also enjoy football and basketball.

Prices are from 20 euros a month or 30 euros for both months for those up to two years old.

Three years and upwards, the price per activity is 25 euros for a month and 35 for both months. Moreover, young people registered in the municipality will receive a discount of five euros per activity.

There are also summer activities aimed at adults. These include Body Fitness, Aqua Zumba, Keep Fit, Spinning, Tennis, TRX, Yoga, Aquarunning, Cardiopilates, zumba, Aquarobics and Circuit Training.

For more information or registration call: 952 891 532, 619 742 432 or visit the office next to the football ground in Manilva.

Manilva Sports

More chameleons released at Manilva’s nature reserve

Chameleons at Manilva Nature Reserve

Manilva’s Environment Department continues the programme to reintroduce the Common Chameleon to Manilva’s coastal nature reserve.

The head of Manilva’s Environment Department, Councillor Maria Muñoz, recently visited the reserve along with  Manuel Romero, the head of Environmental and Biodiversity Management at the Junta de Andalucia’s  Environment Ministry, and his staff to release a number of these fascinating creatures.

The reintroduction programme seeks to boost the numbers of these native creatures, increasing the biodiversity of the area.

The Common Chameleon is a protected species and each individual is microchipped to help monitor their progress. It is forbidden to capture or harm these chameleons, and such acts should be reported to Manilva’s Environment Department on 952 893 878.

Common Chameleon in Manilva

XXX Manilva 24-Hour Sports tournament

This weekend Manilva celebrates the thirtieth edition of its annual 24-Hour Sports tournament, kicking off at 8 pm on Friday 26 June until 8 pm the following evening.

The tournament will feature a wide range of sporting disciplines including 3×3 basketball, handball, indoor football, 7-a-side football, padel and tennis. There will also be cycling hill climb event.

Entries are invited an hour before each activity for sports such as climbing, beach volleyball, climbing, chess, etc., which are free to enter.

Indoor football and padel tennis have an entry fee of 60 euros per team for football and 10 euro per player for the padel, with cash prizes for the winners and runners up.

For more information or to register, visit the sports department, next to the football ground in Manilva, or call 952 891 532 or 619 742 432.

XXX Manilva 24 hour sports

Noche de San Juan 2015

Once again the Summer season is kick started with the annual Noche de San Juan festival which is held over the evening of June 23 into the early hours of June 24.

The festivities begin in Plaza Cali in front of the statue on the Promenade, at 10.15 pm with a performance by the music group ‘Tentation’ which continues until 11.45 pm at which time the Mayor will welcome residents and visitors alike before lighting the bonfire at midnight.

This will be followed by the firework display before the band ‘Tentation’ continue their performance into the early hours.

Local artist Juan Oliva is once again the architect of the fabulous tableau, and it is almost a shame to set light to it.

San Juan 2015
This year’s tableau with the artist Juan Manuel Oliva Rondon

Manilva Basketball campus

Manilva’s Sports Department has organised a five-day Basketball Campus, to be held at the Las Viñas Sports Centre by the football ground in Manilva, 24, 25, 26, 29 and 30 June.

Organised by the Sports Department in collaboration with Andalucia Basketball Federation and the Malaga Provincial Government, the campus is open to boys and girls born in the years 1997 to 2012 inclusive and runs from 9 am to 2 pm each day.

The cost is 25 euros per child which includes transport from various points in the municipality.

There will be a visit by a top professional basketball player at some point during the campus, the day of which is yet to be confirmed.

For more information or to enroll your child visit the ‘Delegación de Deportes’ office next to the football ground in Manilva or call 952 891 532 or 600 074 352.

Manilva Basketball Campus

New Council team meets with municipal workers

The newly elected councillors recently held a meeting with council workers with the aim of introducing themselves and outlining their plans for the coming months.

The Mayor, Diego José Jiménez, made a point of the cooperation and good relations between all the councillors from both participating parties and called on all council staff to pull together to provide the best service for the benefit of the people of Manilva.

One of the priorities for the summer was the strengthening of the cleaning and beaches departments given the importance of Manilva’s image with its many visitors.

Meeting with municipal workers

The PSOE’s Diego José Jiménez elected Mayor of Manilva

Manilva Council Team

Manilva’s newly elected councillors met today, Saturday 13 June, for the first time in a full session of council to elect and invest a Mayor for the coming four years.

This investiture was witnessed by a packed audience of supporters and members of public eager to witness the end of the ‘old guard’ and the dawn of a new, younger team of councillors, including Manilva’s first foreign councillor, Dean Tyler Shelton, a British national who has lived in the area for some 30 years.

In accordance with tradition the ceremony was presided over by the oldest and youngest councillors, Emilio Lopez Berenguer and Alba María Jiménez respectively, and the council secretary.

Following the swearing in of each councillor who received their badge of office from Emilio Lopez, nominations were invited from each political party for mayor, the PSOE proposed their leader, Diego José Jiménez, whilst Compromiso proposed Diego Urieta. The remaining parties declined to put forward a candidate.

The councillors then voted in turn with the following results:
Both PP councillors abstained; all five Compromiso councillors voted for Diego Urieta; the five PSOE councillors voted for Diego Jose, as did all four IU councillors, finally Emilio Lopez, the sole ASM councillor, cast his vote in favour of Diego Jose, making him a clear winner for the position of Mayor of Manilva by 10 votes for, 5 against, and 2 abstentions.

Diego José Jiménez will govern Manilva at the head of a PSOE – Izquierda Unida coalition with the IU’s Antonio Barragan as Deputy Mayor.

For photographs of the investiture see Manilva Life on Facebook

PSOE and IU agree coalition to govern Manilva for the next four years

The PSOE and IU parties have signed an agreement to govern Manilva in coalition for the next four years.

Following the local elections held on Sunday 24 May in which no party managed to secure a majority, extensive talks have been held, led by the PSOE who secured 5 councillors and the highest vote.

With nine councillors required to form a government, the PSOE approached the IU, led by Antonio Barragan, who held the necessary 4 councillors to make that possible and agreement was reached which will see the PSOE leader Diego Jose Jimenez sworn in as Mayor on June 13.

In a statement released today, Diego Jose said “we have held a series of meetings with all the political parties following the election, the best and most understanding being with the IU which has resulted in this pact which guarantees political stability and cooperation for the next four years, something which the people of Manilva deserve”.

This also confirms that Manilva will have its first foreign councillor in Dean Shelton, something which we should be proud of and thank the Izquierda Unida for their vision in making this possible.

There has been no official release of which councillors will be heading which departments but I think its fair to assume that Councillor Shelton will be heading up the Foreign Residents’ department.

PSOE IU coalition in Manilva