The sound of ‘The Rolling Stones’ – The Honky Tonk Cats at El Molino

The Honky Tonk Cats

Spain’s top Rolling Stones tribute act ‘The Honky Tonk Cats’ will be live in concert at Meson El Molino, Sabinillas, this Sunday January 27 from 7.45 pm.

They will be performing such timeless classics as Jumping Jack Flash; I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction); Lets Spend The Night Together; It’s Only Rock And Roll; Paint It Black; Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadows; You Can’t Always Get What You Want, amongst others.

Ticket price is 20 euros per person which includes a wide range of tapas served to your table throughout the evening.

For more information and to book your table contact or call 666 271 618. Tickets are also available from the English Bookshop, and Eden in Sabinillas.

Hurry now, this one will be a sell-out.


Weekend football results – January 19-20

senior Squad

Epic victory for Manilva’s indoor football team, who won four goals to three against Aluprafe Orihuela from Alicante.

The visitors left the pitch at half-time with a three goals to nil scoreline in their favour.

A flattering tally rfor their performance during the first twenty minuites.

Luck changed for the locals during the second part. Jesus Azurmendi’s Manilva threw everything they had against the visitors, with Fiera taking all four goals, becoming the star player in the kind of game guaranteed to thrill the fans.

Manilva continue to be the bottom team, although they can see safety only three points away.

There were different fortunes for the U. Manilva football club, who were defeated for the second game in a row. This time the Manilva team lost away to league leaders, Atl. Yunquera, by two goals to one. U. Manilva continues in third place in the league but have fallen behind the leaders by seven points.

Here are the rest of the  football team results after the weekend:

Peña Málaga 2-1 U. Manilva

U. Estepona 6-1 U. Manilva

U. Manilva A 2-5 Ojén
U. Manilva B 4-4 Ath. S. Pedro

Conejito 4-2 U. Manilva

Liga Educativa: (Manilva v Istán)
Benjamín 5-6  Infantil 0-9

Reduce your electricity bills

Cheaper electric

  • Have you noticed the price of your electricity bills getting higher and higher?
  • Do you suffer in the cold for fear of putting on the heating or swelter in the summer with the air conditioner switched off?
  • Too afraid to leave the boiler on, put the outside lights on when you are out, use your oven, make a cheese toastie?

Well help is finally on the way

Just as the UK did in the past, Spain has been going through the liberalisation of its major utility companies. Admittedly the UK did this some time ago but in essence the process has been the same. Virtual or in some cases real monopolies which had previously been offering a very poor service have now finally been opened up to national and international competition which could only ever mean better choice, lower prices and an increased quality of service for the end user.  Since the liberalisation of the electricity provision a few years ago customers in this region have had the option of changing their electricity supply from Endesa  to a number of other more competitive companies but most have not taken advantage of this opportunity.

The last few years have seen Endesa’s prices soar as they seemingly attempted to make as much money from their existing customers as they could before they had the opportunity to change to alternative providers. In addition to this, as the informal monopoly of Endessa 21 (the incumbent monopoly most of us were signed up to with no choice), has been ordered to cease to exist this year, current Endessa customers will be obligatorily moved to another arm of Endessa and may even be charged a fee for the transfer as well as facing the possibility of receiving even higher monthly bills in the process.

So what are the advantages of changing your electricity supplier? Well firstly you could save up to 10% per year on your bill. And here is the one which will get most of our attention, No costly estimates, you just pay for exactly what you use. Anyone having had inexplicable amounts of consumption estimated whilst they were away from their home and therefore not actually using their electricity, followed by having their accounts emptied to that amount will appreciate the value of this improvement. You can also opt for bi-monthly billing and with some suppliers your tariff will be Fixed until 2014. Better customer service with a helpline number and all this conducted through a seamless transfer process with no cost to transfer, all of the hard work is conducted for you on your behalf.

As an agent for multiple electricity providers we can transfer your electricity supply to either; Iberdrola (A branch of Scottish Power from the UK), Eon,  VM ,  or other such companies for free. This change can reduce your monthly electricity costs by up to 10% per year for homeowners and possibly much more for business owners.

So help is at hand. Contact us to get switched to a cheaper more accountable utilities provider and we will get you back to hot showers in the winter, back in front of the AC during the summer and back into using your electricity free from the fear of the factura.

Please contact us on 0034 617 910 436 or email us at for more details.

Eddy Shelton Memorial Golf Tournament

Eddie Shelton Memorial Golf

Doña Julia Golf Club held a Memorial Golf Tournament on 15th December 2012 in memory of Eddy Shelton, who was the first person to join the Club when it opened. Sadly, Eddy died on 24th December 2011 after a short illness.

Despite the inclement weather on the day, a total of 44 people participated in the Tournament which was a great success. It is proposed that the Tournament will now become an annual event to honour Eddy, who is fondly remembered by both members and Staff alike.  A memorial stone in memory of Eddy has also been placed on the first hole.

Following the Tournament, Dean Tyler Shelton, Eddy’s son, gave a short speech to thank and acknowledge Dona Julia Golf Club and all the participants, but specifically to thank Ian Williams, who was a good friend of Eddy and played a huge part in the organisation of the Tournament.

The winners of the Memorial I were:

  1. D. Pedro Vera Dominguez with 37 points, who won a basket consisting of Iberian sausage, Iberian ham and a trophy.
  2. D. Manuel Márquez houses with 37 points, winning an Iberian black footed ham donated by Rudi Heer of Camping La Bella Vista, and a trophy.
  3. Mr. Juan Vera Dominguez with 36 points, who won a basket of Christmas products and a trophy.

D. Wynne Harcombe won the award for the ball closest to the 18th hole, and won a three bottle selection box of Pinna Fidelis wine, donated by Dean Tyler Shelton.

Prizes were presented by D. Juan Carlos Piñero, friend of Eddy and sports director of Dona Julia Golf Course and Ana Maria Villalba, Resp Commercial Dona Julia Golf Course , Mr Ian Williams and Mr Dean Tyler Shelton which consisted of green fees, wines, cheeses, sports equipment, dental care by SarcoDent etc.

Balcon Flamenco at El Molino

Balcon Flamenco

Live flamenco this Sunday at Restaurant El Molino in Sabinillas.

Enjoy the music of flamenco quartet Balcon Flamenco from 8 pm, Sunday January 13.

Tickets just 10 euros including entry + 1 drink + 1 tapa.

For reservations contact 952 892 972 or 619 949 805

Euroleague basketball – Unicaja v Real Madrid

Unicaja v Real madrid

Manilva’s Sports department are organising a trip on Friday, January 18 to see Malaga Unicaja play Real Madrid in the basketball Euroleague. The match is being played at Malaga’s Martín Carpena stadium.

Tickets cost 7 euros per person including return coach travel, with reservations being taket at the Sports Department office next to the Las Viñas football ground in Manilva or telephone 952 891 532.

Local author does it again, and again!

The Prince's Lady

Mary Chiappe, author of The Grapes of Warmth, the only book in English about Manilva, its environs, and much more, has followed it up with her first solo novel, Mosaic of an Unquiet Time, which appeared in June this year.

“It is set in 1963 in an imaginary British colony off the coast of Portugal. Probably the best thing I have written to date,” she says. “It is about a time of change as seen through the lives of five major characters with their loves and problems, whether these involve religion, sex or politics. I’d say it’s a many-layered book to be enjoyed and re-read!”

Mary has, concurrently, been writing whodunits with a childhood friend, Dr Sam Benady, a paediatrician and amateur historian. The Bresciano Mysteries are set in the late 18th and early 19th centuries in Gibraltar, Morocco and Spain. Their fourth novel, The Prince’s Lady, was launched on 6th November.

“We plan a rough outline of the book and get splendid ideas that later – as we attempt to wrestle with the logistics involved – land us in the soup. Further meetings are involved… a good excuse to get together for a tasty lunch… as the book develops and expands and we have to keep adjusting and readjusting and abandoning old ideas or accommodating new ones. Our best-laid plans can certainly go awry, and often do!

“We write a chapter apiece and constantly revise each other’s work – suggesting changes and pointing out errors or inconsistencies and dealing with all the niggling details that require adjustment – from punctuation to characterisation. By the end of it all, it often becomes impossible to remember who wrote what.”

The books feature a local man, an Anglo-Genoese amateur investigator. Bresciano has a talent for spotting anomalies and clues – without always drawing the right conclusions at the time, but, like the Canadian Mounties… he always gets his man (or woman!) in the end.

While the central character – Giovanni Bresciano – is fictional, many of those he works or deals with are real historical personalities connected with Gibraltar. They can range from Governor Eliott or General O’Hara, to Sergeant Miles who became one of Gibraltar’s first policemen and Abraham Hassan, the only local man to volunteer and be recruited into the army during the Great Siege – both their descendants are still around.

Books may even feature someone else’s fictional character – like Captain Wentworth from Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

The books have attracted good reviews both locally and in the UK in “Historical Novels Review”.

The Murder in Whirligig Lane “passes the Good Mystery Test, because the dénouement is unforeseeable, in spite of a generous supply of clues, and yet plausible. I read it at one sitting, and look forward to Bresciano’s next case.” Alan Fisk. Historical Novels Review, U.K.

Fall of a Sparrow  “An unusual crime novel… an unconventional hero… an interesting setting… a very enjoyable read.” Lynn Guest. Historical Novels Review, U.K.

The Pearls of Tangier “Well plotted… and characters strongly conveyed. The time period… and the exotic setting permeate the novel without overpowering the action or the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed (it). Recommended.” Anne Northfield. Historical Novels Review, U.K.

And now we have the latest book of the series: The Prince’s Lady. The book centres round Prince Edward, fourth son of George III, who is posted to Gibraltar in disgrace in 1790-91 to serve as a young Colonel. He is the man who will, many years later, father a child who will ascend the throne of England as Queen Victoria. As the novel opens, he is living contentedly with his mistress, a cultured French Baroness. They rent a house in Spain for occasional use. All is well until the morning when the Lady vanishes. Has she suffered an accident when riding out? Has she fled to the arms of a new lover? Or is it something more sinister? And there are bandoliers in the area – desperate and violent men…

And over the week that follows, Bresciano becomes involved in a flight that may turn out to be an abduction; he faces the Giants with their fearsome reputation; and is horrified by the murder of an innocent accessory. And it all has to be unravelled before the wind blows from the west – or from the east – for both become crucial either to the villain or the Prince… and to Bresciano himself, for the east wind may take the woman he loves away to the opposite side of the world.

Books are available from the English Bookshop in Sabinillas as well as in bookshops in Gibraltar and at Longman’s in Estepona. Steve at the English Bookshop is planning an Author’s Day when you can meet Mary and get your copy of the books signed.

Manilva’s accounts finally up to date


Manilva’s Finance Department has announced the completion of the municipality’s accounts for the years 2006 to 2011, this follows on the announcement earlier in the year of the finalising of accounts for the period 2001 to 2005.

Local authorities are required to submit their accounts on an annual basis, this was last done in Manilva back in the year 2000.

All the political parties represented on the governing body have participated in the approval process for the accounts which now go to government audit tribunal for ratification.