Manilva celebrates its patron with the Verbena Santa Ana this Sunday

Santa Ana 2015

This Sunday, July 26, Manilva celebrates its patron saint Santa Ana.

The festivities begin at 11.00 am with traditional fun and games in Calle Mar.

At 7.30 pm there will be a Holy Mass in Calle Mar accompanied by the Santa Ana Choir followed by a procession through the town’s streets.

From 10 pm there will be music and dancing until the early hours of the morning with the group “Kalima”.

An addition to this year’s celebrations is the revival of the tradition of electing a Queen and her attendants for this festival see HERE for more details.

Verbena Santa Ana

Virgen del Carmen 2015

Virgen del Carmen

Thursday, July 16 is the celebration of the Virgen del Carmen, the Patron Saint of fishermen and sailors.

Tradition has it that the Carmelite monks, who inhabited the slopes of Mount Carmel and worshipped the Virgin Mary who had appeared there in a vision, were forced to flee by a Saracen invasion force. During this eviction the Virgin appeared to them again and promised to be their ‘Star of the Sea’ and to guide them to safety.

Since then she has been the patron saint of mariners and, as such, the Virgen del Carmen is revered amongst the local fishing communities of southern Spain .

Virgen del Carmen is celebrated by the fishing communities in Sabinillas and Castillo. The Virgen del Carmen is Castillo de la Duquesa’s Patron Saint and on her feast day – the 16th July – her images are placed on board the local fishing boats in two separate ceremonies: the first off the beach at Sabinillas amongst much pomp and ceremony (this can be quite a ‘hairy’ operation, especially if the sea is a bit lively); and the second in the Port of Duquesa. The two boats bearing the Virgens, along with with a flotilla of fishing and pleasure craft, then parade up and down the coast from the Salt Tower to Chullera before disembarking in Sabinillas and the marina at Puerto de la Duquesa to be borne back back to her place of honour in the churches at Sabinillas and Castillo respectively.

If the sea is too rough, particularly during strong easterly winds, the Sabinillas ‘Virgen’ will be paraded along the beach rather than taken to sea and the Castillo ‘Virgen’ will remain in Duquesa Port.

Virgen del Carmen Duquesa

Programme 2015 


5.00 pm – Ceremony to award the medals to the new members of the Brotherhood.

6.00 pm – A mass will be held at the parrish church in Castillo after which the procession will proceed to Duquesa where the Virgen will be placed on the chosen boat and then paraded up and down the coast accompanied by the rest of the ‘fleet’.

10 pm – Live music in the El Huerto Park next to the Castle until the early hours of the morning.


12 noon – A mass will be held in the ‘Fishermen’s Square’ in Sabinillas, followed by a musical performance by the “Aires de Mar” choir. There will also be a ceremony to crown the Virgen del Carmen Queen and Ladies in Waiting. Later in the afternoon at around 7 pm (ish) the statue of the Virgen will be carried to the beach in Sabinillas where it is placed on a fishing boat.

In the evening there will be entertainment with music and dancing into the early hours of the morning.

Estepona Feria 2015 – Programme

Estepona celebrates its Summer Fair from 7 to 12 July, 2015 with most of the action taking place at the fairground.


Tuesday 7 July
7 pm – Parade of ‘Giants and Bigheads’ through the town centre announces the start of this year’s Estepona Summer Fair.
9 pm – The coronation of the Queens and Ladies in Waiting will be held at the Estepona Orchid House followed by a performance of flamenco dance by Sheila Jimenez, and finally a firework spectacular to launch this year’s Estepona Feria.
Midnight – Official inauguration of the funfair by the Mayor accompanied by the Estepona Town Band.
12.30 am – Music and dancing into the early hours with the band Crucero in the main pavillion.

Wednesday 8 July – Children’s Day with 50% discount on fairground attractions
12.30 pm – Day Fair at the fairground.
6.30 pm – Children’s Party in the main pavillion with entertainment and chocolate fountain by Trompecocos.
9.30 pm – Performances of classical Spanish dancing by the Eva Alarcon Dance Group, and modern dance by the Laura Perea Dance Group.
10.30 pm – Music and dancing into the early hours with the band Crucero in the main pavillion.

Thursday 9 July
12.30 pm – Day Fair at the fairground.
6.30 pm – Seniors’ Party in the main pavillion.
9.30 pm – Performances of ballroom, cabaret and oriental dancing by the Marivi Rodriguez Dance Group, and modern and contemporary dance by the Claudia Ramírez Rodríguez Dance Group
10.30 pm – Music and dancing into the early hours with the band Crucero in the main pavillion.
12.30 am – Comedy with Manolo Sarria and Justo Gomez. Free Entry.

Friday 10 July
12.30 pm – Day Fair at the fairground.
9.30 pm Performances of classic Spanish and flamenco dancing by the Lourdes Barrientos Dance Group, and modern dance by the Lourdes Bazán Dance Group.
10.30 pm – Music and dancing into the early hours with the band Crucero in the main pavillion.
12.30 am – Grand Fiesta de las Sevillanas with the Cantores de Hispalis. Free entry.

Saturday 11 July
12.30 pm – Day Fair at the fairground.
8.30 pm – Grand Parade at the fairground. A procession of horse drawn carriages will carry the feria Queens and their entourages around the fairground, accompanied by floats and entertainers.
9.30 pm – Performances by the Ana Guerrero and Monica Peña Dance Academies.
10.30 pm – Music and dancing into the early hours with the band Crucero in the main pavillion.
12.30 am – Performance by the Spanish pop singer Melody. Free Entry.

Sunday 12 July
12.30 pm – Day Fair at the fairground.
7.30 pm – Bullfight at the Estepona Bullring.
9.30 pm – Performance of Latin dance by the Maribel García Dance Group and the La Milana Dance Studio.10.30 pm – Music and dancing into the early hours with the band Crucero in the main pavillion.

Estepona Fair 2015

St George Charity donates €700 to local handicapped association

St George Charity donation to Luisana

The Duquesa Charitable Society of St George is pleased to continue its support of local charities with a donation of €700 to Luisana, Manilva’s association for the physically and mentally handicapped.

The money is to pay for a trip on Saturday, 4 July, to Jimena’s ‘Little Africa’ animal reserve.

The presentation was made by St George Charity President and Councillor for Foreign Residents, Dean Tyler Shelton at the Luisana Centre in Sabinillas.

The Duquesa Charitable Society of St George wishes to thank all the generous donors and volunteers who make such donations possible.


Summer sports activities get underway

Manilva’s Sports Department has announced that the sports activities for this summer are already underway.

This campaign is aimed at youngsters interested in taking part in these activities, which will run during the months of July and August. Youngsters can enrol in swimming, basketball and football. The age range for those wishing to take up swimming is from six months to 16 years of age. Boys and girls from five to twelve years old can also enjoy football and basketball.

Prices are from 20 euros a month or 30 euros for both months for those up to two years old.

Three years and upwards, the price per activity is 25 euros for a month and 35 for both months. Moreover, young people registered in the municipality will receive a discount of five euros per activity.

There are also summer activities aimed at adults. These include Body Fitness, Aqua Zumba, Keep Fit, Spinning, Tennis, TRX, Yoga, Aquarunning, Cardiopilates, zumba, Aquarobics and Circuit Training.

For more information or registration call: 952 891 532, 619 742 432 or visit the office next to the football ground in Manilva.

Manilva Sports

More chameleons released at Manilva’s nature reserve

Chameleons at Manilva Nature Reserve

Manilva’s Environment Department continues the programme to reintroduce the Common Chameleon to Manilva’s coastal nature reserve.

The head of Manilva’s Environment Department, Councillor Maria Muñoz, recently visited the reserve along with  Manuel Romero, the head of Environmental and Biodiversity Management at the Junta de Andalucia’s  Environment Ministry, and his staff to release a number of these fascinating creatures.

The reintroduction programme seeks to boost the numbers of these native creatures, increasing the biodiversity of the area.

The Common Chameleon is a protected species and each individual is microchipped to help monitor their progress. It is forbidden to capture or harm these chameleons, and such acts should be reported to Manilva’s Environment Department on 952 893 878.

Common Chameleon in Manilva

Noche de San Juan 2015

Once again the Summer season is kick started with the annual Noche de San Juan festival which is held over the evening of June 23 into the early hours of June 24.

The festivities begin in Plaza Cali in front of the statue on the Promenade, at 10.15 pm with a performance by the music group ‘Tentation’ which continues until 11.45 pm at which time the Mayor will welcome residents and visitors alike before lighting the bonfire at midnight.

This will be followed by the firework display before the band ‘Tentation’ continue their performance into the early hours.

Local artist Juan Oliva is once again the architect of the fabulous tableau, and it is almost a shame to set light to it.

San Juan 2015
This year’s tableau with the artist Juan Manuel Oliva Rondon

Manilva School of Music end of course concert

Manilva’s Municipal School of Music celebrates the end of the 2014-2015 course with concert in Manilva’s Plaza de Orfeo, above the police station in Manilva, on Friday 19 June, from 8 pm.

There will be performances by various musicians, groups, and bands during the concert with the School’s “El Sexto Sonido” band rounding off the evening.

Prior to that, on Wednesday 17 June, there will be auditions in the Wine Centre theatre for students who wish to perform in Friday’s concert.

There will be a bar available for refreshments with all profits going towards the Manilva Town Band’s musical exchange in Holland.

Manilva School of Music

The PSOE’s Diego José Jiménez elected Mayor of Manilva

Manilva Council Team

Manilva’s newly elected councillors met today, Saturday 13 June, for the first time in a full session of council to elect and invest a Mayor for the coming four years.

This investiture was witnessed by a packed audience of supporters and members of public eager to witness the end of the ‘old guard’ and the dawn of a new, younger team of councillors, including Manilva’s first foreign councillor, Dean Tyler Shelton, a British national who has lived in the area for some 30 years.

In accordance with tradition the ceremony was presided over by the oldest and youngest councillors, Emilio Lopez Berenguer and Alba María Jiménez respectively, and the council secretary.

Following the swearing in of each councillor who received their badge of office from Emilio Lopez, nominations were invited from each political party for mayor, the PSOE proposed their leader, Diego José Jiménez, whilst Compromiso proposed Diego Urieta. The remaining parties declined to put forward a candidate.

The councillors then voted in turn with the following results:
Both PP councillors abstained; all five Compromiso councillors voted for Diego Urieta; the five PSOE councillors voted for Diego Jose, as did all four IU councillors, finally Emilio Lopez, the sole ASM councillor, cast his vote in favour of Diego Jose, making him a clear winner for the position of Mayor of Manilva by 10 votes for, 5 against, and 2 abstentions.

Diego José Jiménez will govern Manilva at the head of a PSOE – Izquierda Unida coalition with the IU’s Antonio Barragan as Deputy Mayor.

For photographs of the investiture see Manilva Life on Facebook

Manilva celebrates its annual Romeria on June 13 and 14, 2015

Manilva celebrates its 2015 Romería on the weekend of June 13 and 14 organised by Manilva’s Cultural Department and the Cofradía Nuestra Señora de los Dolores y Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno brotherhood.

A Romería is a traditional catholic pilgimage consisting of a procession which makes its way to a religious sanctuary or chapel, in this case the San Adolfo Chapel on the road to the Roman Baths.

As with most Spanish festivals the religious aspect of the event is complemented by a great opportunity to party, with many people camping on the riverside over the weekend, live music available and plenty of food and drink.

The Romería begins on Saturday June 13 at around 11 am with the procession from the Iglesia de Santa Ana church in Manilva to the San Adolfo Chapel.

On Sunday June 9, from 1 pm there will be a Holy Mass accompanied by the Santa Ana choir, followed by music and refreshments.

Manilva Romeria