Strictly Ballroom – Learn to dance with Lia Mullins

Ballroom Dancing

Wellness Centre Los Hidalgos


Strictly Ballroom

Learn to dance with Lia Mullins, Former Irish Open, British Open and USA Open Champion

5 Week Course – Level 1
2 Dances per Class
€120 Per Couple
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Dates: (Every Sunday 11 am – 12.30 pm)
24/02 – 24/03 – Waltz & Jive
07/04 – 05/05 – Rumba & Tango
12/05 – 09/06 – Cha Cha Cha & Foxtrot
16/06 – 21/07 – Samba & Quickstep

Wellness Centre Los Hidalgos, Commercial Centre Los Hidalgos—next to Marlows, behind Eroski.

Email: Tel.: 622 849 113

Benefit party for Vanina


Manilva Social Welfare department has organized a charity party on Saturday February 9 from 9.30 pm at the Pabellón de Usos Múltiples in Manilva.

Councillor Paqui Lopez explained that the goal of this event is to raise funds for local resident Vanina, affected by a disease called chondrodystrophy, which causes serious mobility problems and requires expensive mobility aids for the sufferer to be able to lead a near normal life.

Tickets to the party, which cost 5 euros, will entitle the buyer to participate in a lottery with prizes donated by local companies. Any business wishing to make a donation can contact the Social Welfare department in the Edificio de Usos Múltiples in Sabinillas or call 952 893 838.

There is also the option of simply donating 3 euros to the cause in the same places where tickets are on sale if you don’t wish to attend the event.

For more information, call the Social Welfare office in Manilva at 952 897 060 or the Edificio de Usos Múltiples in Sabinillas at 952 893 838.

In Memoriam – Roy Garrett

Roy Garrett Memorial

Sadly on January 29 2013, our much loved friend Roy Garratt passed away in hospital back in the UK.

A small memorial gathering was held for him at the Oasis Bar in Duquesa Port to coincide with the funeral in England.  Around fifty of his friends attended to celebrate his life and a collection was held for a wreath to be sent.

The collection raised 400 euros which was a significant amount. After the cost of the wreath 350 euros will be donated by his family to two cancer charities and a stroke charity of their choice.

I am sure all who knew him will join me in saying it was a privilege to call him a friend. RIP Roy.

By Ashley Kennedy

Roy Garrett Memorial

Roy Garrett

Reduce your electricity bills

Cheaper electric

  • Have you noticed the price of your electricity bills getting higher and higher?
  • Do you suffer in the cold for fear of putting on the heating or swelter in the summer with the air conditioner switched off?
  • Too afraid to leave the boiler on, put the outside lights on when you are out, use your oven, make a cheese toastie?

Well help is finally on the way

Just as the UK did in the past, Spain has been going through the liberalisation of its major utility companies. Admittedly the UK did this some time ago but in essence the process has been the same. Virtual or in some cases real monopolies which had previously been offering a very poor service have now finally been opened up to national and international competition which could only ever mean better choice, lower prices and an increased quality of service for the end user.  Since the liberalisation of the electricity provision a few years ago customers in this region have had the option of changing their electricity supply from Endesa  to a number of other more competitive companies but most have not taken advantage of this opportunity.

The last few years have seen Endesa’s prices soar as they seemingly attempted to make as much money from their existing customers as they could before they had the opportunity to change to alternative providers. In addition to this, as the informal monopoly of Endessa 21 (the incumbent monopoly most of us were signed up to with no choice), has been ordered to cease to exist this year, current Endessa customers will be obligatorily moved to another arm of Endessa and may even be charged a fee for the transfer as well as facing the possibility of receiving even higher monthly bills in the process.

So what are the advantages of changing your electricity supplier? Well firstly you could save up to 10% per year on your bill. And here is the one which will get most of our attention, No costly estimates, you just pay for exactly what you use. Anyone having had inexplicable amounts of consumption estimated whilst they were away from their home and therefore not actually using their electricity, followed by having their accounts emptied to that amount will appreciate the value of this improvement. You can also opt for bi-monthly billing and with some suppliers your tariff will be Fixed until 2014. Better customer service with a helpline number and all this conducted through a seamless transfer process with no cost to transfer, all of the hard work is conducted for you on your behalf.

As an agent for multiple electricity providers we can transfer your electricity supply to either; Iberdrola (A branch of Scottish Power from the UK), Eon,  VM ,  or other such companies for free. This change can reduce your monthly electricity costs by up to 10% per year for homeowners and possibly much more for business owners.

So help is at hand. Contact us to get switched to a cheaper more accountable utilities provider and we will get you back to hot showers in the winter, back in front of the AC during the summer and back into using your electricity free from the fear of the factura.

Please contact us on 0034 617 910 436 or email us at for more details.

Eddy Shelton Memorial Golf Tournament

Eddie Shelton Memorial Golf

Doña Julia Golf Club held a Memorial Golf Tournament on 15th December 2012 in memory of Eddy Shelton, who was the first person to join the Club when it opened. Sadly, Eddy died on 24th December 2011 after a short illness.

Despite the inclement weather on the day, a total of 44 people participated in the Tournament which was a great success. It is proposed that the Tournament will now become an annual event to honour Eddy, who is fondly remembered by both members and Staff alike.  A memorial stone in memory of Eddy has also been placed on the first hole.

Following the Tournament, Dean Tyler Shelton, Eddy’s son, gave a short speech to thank and acknowledge Dona Julia Golf Club and all the participants, but specifically to thank Ian Williams, who was a good friend of Eddy and played a huge part in the organisation of the Tournament.

The winners of the Memorial I were:

  1. D. Pedro Vera Dominguez with 37 points, who won a basket consisting of Iberian sausage, Iberian ham and a trophy.
  2. D. Manuel Márquez houses with 37 points, winning an Iberian black footed ham donated by Rudi Heer of Camping La Bella Vista, and a trophy.
  3. Mr. Juan Vera Dominguez with 36 points, who won a basket of Christmas products and a trophy.

D. Wynne Harcombe won the award for the ball closest to the 18th hole, and won a three bottle selection box of Pinna Fidelis wine, donated by Dean Tyler Shelton.

Prizes were presented by D. Juan Carlos Piñero, friend of Eddy and sports director of Dona Julia Golf Course and Ana Maria Villalba, Resp Commercial Dona Julia Golf Course , Mr Ian Williams and Mr Dean Tyler Shelton which consisted of green fees, wines, cheeses, sports equipment, dental care by SarcoDent etc.