Katie Rawlins

Breaking Spain celebrates its first birthday

Local businesswoman, Katie Rawlins, recently celebrated the first birthday of her business Breaking Spain.

Katie, who has been coming to Spain to visit family since 1999, moved here permanently in 2003, and having quickly learnt the language soon found herself in the role of ‘fixer’ for her many fellow countrymen (and women) who struggle with the Spanish language. It very soon became clear that Katie had a talent for this role and it wasn’t long before she was employed by a local Gestor to help expats with all forms of bureaucracy such as vehicle transfers, residencias, etc.

Having successfully fulfilled this role for a number of years, Katie’s entrepreneurial spirit led to her going it alone and thus Breaking Spain was born.

I asked Katie why ‘Breaking Spain’? “It is based on the title of one of my favourite TV series, Breaking Bad” she replied, “which finished at about the same time as I established the business. It also implies breaking through the Spanish red tape, of which there is a plentiful supply.”

According to Katie, running her own business has been a steep learning curve, and like most of the self employed finds herself putting in very long hours, but it has all been worth it as she is very happy at how the business is going.

Of all the bureaucratic processes, vehicle paperwork and residency matters make up a large chunk of her work, but the list of services is almost endless.

I asked Katie what bureaucratic matters should expats attend to that maybe they avoid, and she immediately replied “everyone who lives permanently in Manilva should register on the local electoral roll (Padron). The more people who register, the more money and resources the local Town Hall receive from the state, including doctors, police, etc.”

Breaking Spain provides a specialised service aimed at the expat community on the Costa del Sol, offering tailor made solutions to cut through the Spanish bureaucracy.

Application for NIE & Residency; Registering for health cover and with doctors; Discreet and confidential assistance at medical appointments; Guidance on tax issues and insurance; Vehicle transfers, importation, payment and research of traffic fines; Translation services; Setting up/finishing utility contracts such as water, electricity, telephone and internet; Passport renewals, and much, much more.

For more information about Breaking Spain visit their website www.breakingspain.com, telephone: 951 273 696 or 616 686 732 or email: katie@breakingspain.com

Katie Rawlins