Campbell’s Biltong and The Flame Grill

A Taste of Africa – Campbell’s Biltong and The Flame Grill

Campbell’s Biltong and The Flame Grill

If you attend some of the many outdoor events that take place in Manilva, you will probably by now have come across local couple Ron and Eileen Campbell and The Flame Grill catering van.

Ron and Eileen, both Rhodesians, moved to Manilva from the UK in the last couple of years and have begun to make a name for themselves supplying traditional southern African favourites, such as biltong, boerewors sausages, and their variation on that theme, the boerewors burger.

Ron and Eileen left Rhodesia some twelve years ago and headed for the UK, just two of the many who left behind the political uncertainty of Mugabe’s Zimbabwe with the intention of returning once the dust had settled.

Back in the old country Ron had taken an interest in producing biltong, a form of air dried meat, using a process he learnt from Eileen’s uncle who was a butcher, and over the years they developed their own methods and recipes.

After a couple of years in the UK a chance meeting with another Rhodesian, who worked in an abattoir, led to Ron and Eileen picking up the butcher’s knives and once again began producing their biltong and sausages.

Ron went online and discovered a large number of fellow expatriate Rhodesians and South Africans and soon built up a mailing list of some 3,000 people eager for a taste of home. Very soon they were packing off parcels of their products across the UK and overseas, and in a move to expand
their market they purchased an old hot dog van which they cleaned up and named The Flame Lilly, which is the national symbol of Rhodesia.

A close encounter with a tree necessitated some redecoration of the van, which led to it being renamed The Flame Grill, a name which it retains to this day.

The couple would travel all over the UK during the summer attending, fairs, balloon festivals, etc. and it was during this time that they developed the boerewors burger. Boerewors, literarily ‘Farmer’s Sausage’ in Afrikaans, is a 100% meat sausage made of pork and beef with a few added spices, which is very popular with southern Africans who will chuck it on the ‘Braai’ or grill and wash it down with a cold beer. Although popular with their fellow Africans it didn’t seem to have the same appeal with the British public. It was then they hit on the idea of using the same mix but made into a burger pattie, the rest is as they say is history. People would be queueing up at The Flame Grill to get their fix of this culinary delight.

Another attraction of their products is that they are free from any artificial additives, and being 100% meat are gluten free.

As with many people it was the climate in the UK that led to the Campbell’s move to Spain. A particularly wet summer led to the cancellation of many of the events the couple had lined up.

So they rented out their home, hitched up The Flame Grill to their Land Rover and hauled the entire outfit down to Spain where they settled in Manilva.

Once here they soon began producing their famous biltong which is made by marinading the meat in beer or vinegar and their own particular blend of spices, before hanging it up to air dry for from three to five days, depending on the climatic conditions.

In the couple of years that Ron and Eileen have been in Manilva they have already built up an extensive customer base and have begun exporting their products across Europe.

If you want to know more about Campbell’s Biltong and The Flame Grill products then visit their website at or call them on +34 951 277 105.