PSOE win in Manilva local elections

Diego Jose JimenezAfter a nail biting finale to Sunday’s election process, and following a number of recounts and disputes the results are in for the Manilva local elections.

As they currently stand the PSOE, headed by Diego Jose Jimenez, gained the highest number of votes with 1,380 (27.4 %) 5 seats; COMPROMISO 1,209 (24 %) 5 seats; IU 1,052 (20.89 %) 4 seats; PP 668 (13.26 %) 2 seats; A.S.M. 447 (8.87 %) 1 seat; and M S I 189 (3.75 %) no seats.

Of the 17 council seats it requires 9 seats to give a majority so on balance the IU hold the keys to government as a PSOE-Compromiso alliance is unlikely, but there again local politics always has the ability to baffle the logically minded.

For the expat community the main achievement of the evening is the election of Dean Tyler Shelton as Manilva’s first British councillor so hats off to the IU for taking that bold and historic step.

IU4IU councillors: Dean Shelton, Antonio Barragan, Patricia Recio, Agustin Vargas


Manilva Music Festival

Manilva Music Festival

CANCELLED – Full details shortly

In a last minute change of venue the Malaga Music Festival will be held at the Recinto Ferial, Sabinillas, Manilva (where the Sunday market is normally held).

The three day festival, which runs from Friday 29 to Sunday 31 May, features a great lineup of international musicians, which will appeal to a broad range of musical tastes  including such names as The Arkanes, The Universal, 80s soul band The Christians, and Javier Ojeda (Danza Invisible) along with some great supporting bands.

Tickets are great value with three-day passes available for just €30 and are available from the website along with local outlets including ItzaBar in Sabinillas.

Festival Line up

Friday 29 May

Los Brazos


King Hammond

The Limbos


The Electric Stars

The Arkanes

Saturday 30 May

Famous in Denmark

Drifting Classroom


Trio Valore

The Christians

Stone Foundation

The Universal

Sunday 31 May


SIS Band

The Rev Toon

The Lost Boys

Kymberley Pody

Malaka Youth

Javier Ojeda

More information to follow…

A guide to voting in the Spanish local elections

On Sunday, 24 May, Spain goes to the polls in the local elections to vote for which party will govern your local town hall for the next four years.

Citizens of all EU countries, along with citizens of a number of countries which have reciprocal agreements, are eligible to vote providing they are registered on the local census (Padron) and have requested the right to vote.

Those of you who expressed a desire to vote before December 31 of last year, or who voted in the last local election should have received a voting slip (Tarjeta censal) in the post. If you haven’t received your slip don’t worry, merely turn up at your designated polling station on Sunday May 24 between 9 am and 8 pm with photo id (your passport is always the best bet) and the station staff will look you up on their list.

Inside the voting slip it will have your details along with the address of the polling station where you should go to vote.

In the case of Manilva there are three polling stations: The Pabellon de Usos Multiples, next to the football ground in Manilva for those resident in Manilva town and adjacent developments; the CEIP San Luis de Sabinillas primary school in Calle Maria Zambrano for those living in Sabinillas; and the Castle in Castillo de la Duquesa for those living in Castillo, Duquesa and most of the urbanisations such as El Hacho, Los Hidalgos, Hacienda Guadalupe, etc.

Once the staff have checked that you are eligible to vote you will be directed to a voting booth inside of which you will find the lists of all the parties contesting the election.

In Spain you vote for the Party rather than for individuals so all you need to do is place the list of the party for which you wish to vote in the envelope supplied, there is no need to seal it. Only include one list, DO NOT mark the list in any way, shape or form, in fact don’t take a pen or pencil with you, that way you will not be tempted to put a cross or tick or any comment on the list. If you do it will be disqualified and your vote wasted.

Take the envelope to the table where the officer will instruct you to place it in the ballot box and your contribution to local democracy is complete.

The List System

There are a fixed number of councillors which is governed by the number of registered residents, in Manilva’s case there are currently 17 elected councillors.

Unlike the UK the election is by proportional representation and you vote for the political party as opposed to individual candidates. Each party presents a list of its candidates in order of preference, they then get to install their members into office according to the percentage of the vote they receive ie 1 councillor for every 5.9% of the vote they gain.

The Mayor is then elected by the councillors and is in most cases the leader of the party which gains the highest percentage of the overall vote, although if the party fails to get a majority they have to pact with one or more of the other parties, and this can sometimes be at the expense of handing over the mayorship.


  • Sunday 24 May, 2015
  • Polling station open from 9 am to 8 pm
  • Take ID and Tarjeta censal if you have it
  • Select the list of your preferred party
  • DO NOT mark the list in any way
  • Hand envelope to ballot officer
  • Go and celebrate your contribution to local democracy

Where to vote


The Pabellon de Usos Multiples, next to the football ground in Manilva for those resident in Manilva town and adjacent developments; the CEIP San Luis de Sabinillas primary school in Calle Maria Zambrano for those living in Sabinillas; and the Castle in Castillo de la Duquesa for those living in Castillo, Duquesa and most of the urbanisations such as El Hacho, Los Hidalgos, Hacienda Guadalupe, etc.


For those living in Casares Town and rural areas your polling stations is in the Pensioner’s Club, Hogar del Jubilado, Calle Carrera 91, Casares.

For Casares Costa you should cast your vote at the Tenencia de Alcaldia in Marina de Casares.

Whilst those of you in Secadero should visit the Tenencia de Alcaldia in Secadero.


Given the size of Estepona there are a number of polling stations across the municipality. To find out in which one you should vote visit the Town Hall website at and introduce your NIE number into the box ‘Consulta de Colegios Electorales’ and you will be told where your polling station is.

Election paperwork

International Family Day 2015

Manilva’s Foreign Residents Department is celebrating their International Family Day In the park next to the Castle in Castillo de la Duquesa from 12 noon on Saturday 16 May.

Lots of fun and entertainment with refreshments available.


12 noon Children’s entertainment
2 pm Music by Matt Edmondson
4 pm Municipal Flamenco School
5 pm Clive Live
6 pm Music by Pete Black
7 pm Jordana in concert

International Family Day 2012

Manilva to elect its 2015 Feria Queens and Ladies on May 29

Manilva’s Fiestas Department has announced that the election for this year’s Feria Queen’s and Ladies will be held at the El Duque Park on Friday May 29 beginning at 8 pm.

There are two categories: Juveniles open to girls born in 2005; and Infantiles open to girls born in 1993, 1994, 1995 or 1996.

The younger category is selected by lottery, with a panel of judges selecting the older girls.

Entry is open to all girls registered on the Manilva Padron, contact 952 893 838 or 952 897 060 to enter. Closing date for entries is Friday 22 May and the winners will receive a flamenco dress to wear for their coronation and and other official duties.

Everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy the election at the El Duque Park.

Feria Queens 2012

The Little Sing in Sabinillas

New Irish Arts Artistic Director Jonathan Rea is returning to the Costa del Sol in May following the packed-out Big Sing at Sotogrande Church in February.

The local community is invited to The Little Sing in the Catholic Church in Sabinillas on Sunday 31st May 2015.

The Little Sing features music provided by a choir, specially formed for the performance, which is open to anyone who wants to join in. Led by Jonathan Rea from the New Irish Arts, and accompanied by special guest Yazz and band.

The event begins at 8pm, but as before will be preceded by a workshop for those who would like to participate in the choir for the evening.

The workshop will begin at 4.45 pm in the church. For more information please contact Heather at or Catherine on 678 498 225/622 877 309.

Early registration is advised as the venue is small.

The Little Sing in Sabinillas

Breaking Spain celebrates its first birthday

Local businesswoman, Katie Rawlins, recently celebrated the first birthday of her business Breaking Spain.

Katie, who has been coming to Spain to visit family since 1999, moved here permanently in 2003, and having quickly learnt the language soon found herself in the role of ‘fixer’ for her many fellow countrymen (and women) who struggle with the Spanish language. It very soon became clear that Katie had a talent for this role and it wasn’t long before she was employed by a local Gestor to help expats with all forms of bureaucracy such as vehicle transfers, residencias, etc.

Having successfully fulfilled this role for a number of years, Katie’s entrepreneurial spirit led to her going it alone and thus Breaking Spain was born.

I asked Katie why ‘Breaking Spain’? “It is based on the title of one of my favourite TV series, Breaking Bad” she replied, “which finished at about the same time as I established the business. It also implies breaking through the Spanish red tape, of which there is a plentiful supply.”

According to Katie, running her own business has been a steep learning curve, and like most of the self employed finds herself putting in very long hours, but it has all been worth it as she is very happy at how the business is going.

Of all the bureaucratic processes, vehicle paperwork and residency matters make up a large chunk of her work, but the list of services is almost endless.

I asked Katie what bureaucratic matters should expats attend to that maybe they avoid, and she immediately replied “everyone who lives permanently in Manilva should register on the local electoral roll (Padron). The more people who register, the more money and resources the local Town Hall receive from the state, including doctors, police, etc.”

Breaking Spain provides a specialised service aimed at the expat community on the Costa del Sol, offering tailor made solutions to cut through the Spanish bureaucracy.

Application for NIE & Residency; Registering for health cover and with doctors; Discreet and confidential assistance at medical appointments; Guidance on tax issues and insurance; Vehicle transfers, importation, payment and research of traffic fines; Translation services; Setting up/finishing utility contracts such as water, electricity, telephone and internet; Passport renewals, and much, much more.

For more information about Breaking Spain visit their website, telephone: 951 273 696 or 616 686 732 or email:

Katie Rawlins

Rock and Pop at The Brasserie

Enjoy a night of rock and pop at the Brasserie de Arturo at Casares Golf on Saturday 2 May, from 8 pm.

Presented by Live Music Spain, the music will be provided by Daniela, Peter Charles and Marcus Myers.

Tickets are just 25 euros per person which includes a 3-course meal.

Tickets are available from The Bookshop and Fathoms Bar in Sabinillas, and The Gift Shop in Duquesa Port.

You can also email

Rock and Pop at The Brasserie